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How to Hire an Online Uncontested Divorce Forms Preparer

How to drill down further now into the choices facing divorce consumers that have decided to hire an online divorce provider? There aren’t anymore industry dichotomies to guide the analysis.
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So drilling down further, to provide additional guidance for the divorce consumer, inevitably must broaden into an analysis of the quality and integrity of the top 10 across the country websites offering online breakup form preparation plus an unknown number of local or regional online providers across the country.

That is what this and the next, and final, article in this series will do.

I’ll continue to use the format of the prior two articles to cope with issues one at a time. Separating the problems enables the individual divorce consumer to attach her own significance with each issue.

However, don’t think for a moment that the issues highlighted separately below and in the ultimate article in this sequence will each hit you separately. These people can and will be mixed and matched in just about any blend on any site offering online divorce forms preparation.

Feel-Good compared to. Actual Divorce Form Preparation Sites: This is not to be disrespectful to feel-good sites. They provide a valuable service to some, but they do not provide divorce form preparation services.

They offer access to breakup articles, divorce coaches, advisors, allegheny county divorce forms, divorce dialogue groups and blogs. Some branch to be able to mediators and divorce lawyers. Some sell blank forms or provide “free” forms (more on that scam in the final article in the sequence).

There is practically nothing wrong with these sites, beyond any such scams, as long as you recognize these sites for what they are and realize that while they may provide some valuable services, they will not prepare your divorce papers for you. There is a great deal of such sites. It’s easy to recognize them because they don’t prominently display pricing for divorce file preparation.

My Advice: Prevent these sites unless you alone determine that you need them. Don’t get emotionally enticed into services you neither want or need. Be careful about providing personal info or an email address on feel-good sites.

Some of these sites are lead generators for legal representatives or legal services plans that will try to indication you up for such plans that cost 20 dollars or $50 per 30 days on an auto-billing basis. If you want to hire a attorney or sign up for a legal services plan, do it yourself. Do not get duped in while you’re looking for divorce forms preparation.

For example, it is unlikely that a large national online divorce forms preparer in Maryland will know that in Ventura County, Los angeles, there is certainly very precise wording and terminology required (beyond that required by law) in a Marital Settlement Agreement for a marriage over 10 years when there is a waiver of spousal support by either party. The particular Maryland outfit will only find that when you tell them your papers have just been rejected following a two month processing delay at the court.